Time Team Special -  Prod. Com. : Time Team, UK    Taboo – Series   -   Prod. Com. : Beyond Productions, Australia

1 X 60 min Doc for Channel 4. Shot indian segment of Episode on British Architecture Lutyan’s Delhi for British Television series. Presented by Sir Tony Robinson 


(Episode: The Freaky remedies; Nasty Jobs ,bizarre burials , old enough, weird weddings,)

5 x 20 mins doc for N.G.C.A series “TABOO” based on the cultural & rituals around the worldwhich may be taboo in other society.


The Witch Doctor will see You  -   Prod. Com. : Bulls Eye, UK

  The Girl Who Cries Blood - Prod. Com. : ZIG-ZAG Productions,UK

1 x 60 mins doc for NGC/CH 4 about Alternate medicine from India.                  It was a part of 3 episode shot in different part of world     


1 x 60 mins doc for NGC/CH 4 A Medico-research based film on world’s shortest girl from Lucknow, India who has a rare disease of blood coming from eyes.

Twin-Town -  Prod. Com. : ZIG-ZAG Productions, UK


The World’s Smallest Girl - Prod. Com.: ZIG-ZAG Productions, UK


1 x 60 doc mins doc for NGC/CH 4.A film on a Southern India Town which is having a great no. of Twin’s in India.


1 x 60 mins doc for NGC/CH.A Medico-research based film on worlds shortest girl (63 cm) from Nagpur, India

India In Transition  -  Prod. Com. : Indira Production Inc., USA


Who do you think you are - Prod. Com.: Mint Production, Ireland


1 x 60 min doc. A Tally Award winning [In USA] doc showing the transformation of India pre to post economics reform


1 x 60 doc for BBC/CH4. A series on the roots of International Celebrities. This episode was on Famous Radio Personality ‘Joe Duffy’ of Ireland. 

Once more removed  -  Prod/Dir Shundell Prasad


Adoption Stories - Prod. Com. : Great North Production, Canada


1 X 60 min doc A story on journey of a young NRI girl, travelled across the world, looking for her Ancestor’s root in India.


3 x 22 min. A Series for Discovery Health Channel, USA          

Les kids cow-boys de Dublin - Prod. Com. : Divali Films & Marathon, Production, Paris


Les derniersjoursd'Indira Gandhi (Last Days Of Indira Gandhi)Prod. Com. : Sunset Press, France


3 X 15 min doc features Indian kid, part of series shot across the world.


1 X 60 doc Based on last days of India’s former Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi.


Caviar and Sturgeon fish [SHOT IN RUSSIA] - Prod. Com. : World TV, UK 


AIDS Campaign [Shot in South Africa and Swaziland] - FOR. : Christian Aid, UK


1 X 10 min News Feature on the Sturgeon fish and Caviar in Astrakhan, Russia


1 X 10 min News Feature on the  work going on against AIDS patient and their rehabilitation Durban, South Africa and Mbabane, Swaziland

It Happened in Bhopal  -  Channel : Al - Jazeera English 


2 X 10 min News Feature on the on world’s greatest Industrial disaster happened in Bhopal, India on the night of 2-3 Dec. 1984 which affected more than 2, 00,000 people.          - Part -1      - Part – 2



AD Films
  P-MARK Mustered Oil            Prod. Com.: I-Strait, INDIA   Champion Atta     Agency : MDF Media, U.K.

advertisement of Mustered Oil, aired on leading Indian News Channel


advertisement of Weat Flour


President’s Choice - Chicken Biryani  Prod. Com: LTB Films,                                                                                         Canada


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