Virendra is a creative and gifted cameraman who listens carefully to the brief and then goes all out to  capture

                           great sequences. I've worked with him on two separate projects, both observational in nature and both requiring

                           sensitivity in often challenging circumstances. Virendra is a fabulous DoP to work with who shoots wonderful material.

                           Over and above his abilities as a cameraman VK brings valuable additional skills to a production. First is his ability

                           to listen to actuality sync and capture the key moments. the other strength VK brings to the projects I've worked

                           on with him is his marvellous ability to diffuse potentially difficult situations that filming in India inevitably throws up

                          for foreign crews. Without him I genuinely do not believe we would have gained either the access we required,

                          nor been able to manage crowd situations that threatened to derail our shoot schedule.

                          VK is tireless, friendly, and very, very capable. He works very closely with production to achieve the best material

                          possible - and, in my experience, goes over and above the call of duty to see that the job is done to the best possible

                          level. He is a pleasure to work and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. The best testimonial I can

                           think of is this. If I ever have an India based film, the first thing I do is to check his availability.


                           Paul Nelson -  Producer / Director, October Films. 

                          TwinTown - ZigZag Productions for National Geographic Channel 

                          Bodyshock - 'The Girl Who Cries Blood' -  ZigZag Productions for Channel 4 / National Geographic Channel